Babloon Studios was founded in the summer of 2016 and released our first game Blowhards on Steam in February 2017.

We released prototype of our game Bound To Light on gamejolt and 2018.

We are now funded by investors and working towards making mobile games with a focus on meta.


Wictor "Chris" Nilsson

Appointed cardinal of primate pack and doer of many different things.

Passions include music and sugar.

Max Burman

Serious skeletal skills and with a

charming understanding of character

likeness.  Very cute~

Michael "Majk" Lindell

Chief doodler and Babloon brainchild. Draws with fiery passion and cunning wrist sweeps.

Daniel Johansson

Bedazzler of optical effects and sculptor of mass.

A real joker, he often laughs at his own jokes.

Stefan Nilsson

Syncer of accumulated assets from the other primates.

Speaks fluent binary.


Babloon Studios is a Swedish game development company focusing on creating short, stylistic games

Babloon Studios AB. All rights reserved.


Kaplansgatan 28

541 34 Skövde, Sweden


Babloon Studios

Kaplansgatan 28

541 34 Skövde, Sweden

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